Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Get Paid To Ride Your Bicycle!

Want to start your own media company that will BEAT the socks off 2, 6, and 8?

Want to promote your BIG ideas on BEER budget? Or, how about just making enough money for college tuition? BATMobile is your answer! It gets ATTENTION.

Maybe you want to get some exercise while making some CASH to pay off X-Mas credit card bills. How about making some money going green without really TRYING? Motorists actually slow down to read the advertising.

BATMobile is unique and different than other types of outdoor mobile advertising platform. Motorists gloss over advertising placed on roadside billboards, cheap coroplast signs on the side of the road, and even advertising on buses. But, advertising placed on the BATMobile, aka Bike Across TownMobile, gets attention.

BATMobile is now available for purchase. Buy one, two, or a whole fleet. Each unit is affordable. BATMobile is lightweight to reduce driver fatigue. And, it dissembles and ships easily ANYWHERE. BATMobile attaches easily on ANY bicycle.

*Note: Add additional $99 for shipping and handling of wheels. BATMobile uses standard 20" wheels, available at local bike shops. Also, signs not included. BATMobiles are sold BYOB, Bring Your Own BIKE!

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