Thursday, January 3, 2008

Advertiser Spotlight: Bike car

Whoa, nellie! This is outta SIGHT! I NEED one of these babies, people!

This is the first human powered vehicle (HPV) to have a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, the same material found in the fastest high-performance Formula 1 automobiles, making it the world's most advanced three-wheeled velomobile.

Designed by world-renowned designer Michael Goretzky, the customized vehicle combines the low-impact exercise benefits of a recumbent bicycle with the stability of a three-wheeled cruiser and the aerodynamics of a concept automobile.

The velomobile has a headlight, tail light, and turn signals powered by a rechargeable battery. Please note that special conditions and guarantee limitations apply to this product. 28 1/2" H x 30" W x 104 1/2" L. Wheel base is 53". (60 lbs.)

First Carbon Chassis Velocipede

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