Thursday, January 3, 2008

Advertiser Spotlight: Conference Room on a BIKE!

I've seen this before. But, this is the first time I'm able to offer this nifty little number for sale. With this baby, imagine 86'ing all those BORING staff meetings.

Perfect for the law firm with way too much CASH on hand! This one has YOUR name on it, Erik!

The Seven-Person Conference Bicycle

Why be satisfied with a bicycle built for two? The unique and easy-to-maneuver ConferenceBike, comfortably seats up to seven people, sitting in a circle and biking together for an unforgettable riding experience.

Originally commissioned exclusively for Hammacher Schlemmer, American artist and inventor Eric Staller has created what he calls "a symbol for community, a tool for bringing people together."

Almost anyone can ride on this distinctive trike, so you can use it for family reunions, summer gatherings, corporate retreats, outdoor education programs, or taking the neighborhood along for a ride. The frame has an ergonomic design making it easy to get on and off, and has seven sets of pedals that propel the trike forward via a patented transmission system. One person steers, while all seven riders are free to pedal, or not, as the bike moves along.

The vehicle is easy to operate, with Porsche-engineered steering, hydraulic brakes, parking brake and lights. Hand-crafted in Germany, and built to last, The ConferenceBike safely transports a combined weight of 1,400 lbs. Red paint finish is a durable baked-on powder-coat; drive-train is completely covered for protection against dust and rain. Easy-to-access maintenance points. Best for riding on hard level surfaces. Maximum speed of 15 mph. Seat heights are adjustable. 4'H x 6'W x 8' L. (400 lbs.)(Please add $650.00 to regular shipping and handling.)

The Seven-Person Conference Bicycle

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