Thursday, January 3, 2008

Advertiser Spotlight: Love Your Job. Join TPD dot COM

Do you want to make MILLIONS? Do you want EASY cash to cover your ENORMOUS Christmas credit card bills? Then, go ROB a BANK! Or, maybe roll BATMobile. Naaaaaaaah.

If you have a rap sheet, or even THINKING about GETTING a rap sheet, then, JOIN TPD DOT COM is NOT for you. Tulsa Police Department is definitely NOT for the faint of heart.

There are murders to solve. Rapists and sex offenders to catch. And, God FORBID, chasing down the silly Santa on Memorial during RUSH.

Yes, there's probably enough blood, failed possibilities, and heartache to go around. But, on a few occasions, there are probably opportunities to let loose your inner SUPER hero. Not too many jobs can boast the thrill of getting shot at by the drunken, outta control, reckless bad guy in a stolen Hummer who takes the whole squad on a wild and crazy 100 mph chase on Memorial late at night.

Hey, how about taking some down-his-luck kid Christmas shopping, without getting the third-degree?

AND, you will get to stalk the Santa in the middle of JULY, while tooling around in a pretty snazzy Dodge! Can't beat THAT.

Bike Billboards is proud to announce our newest advertiser! Bienvenidos, amigos! Through generous contributions from concerned citizens who want to see more bike cops, BATMobile will be rolling JOIN TPD DOT COM on Tulsa streets!

We are working with a sign vendor to get nice signs. The quote for 24"X48" coroplast sign, as shown, is $52 plus tax. The new signs will be SPIFFIER, SPORTIER, and overall pretty KEWL. We also have some pretty good Photoshop geeks and OVER-the-TOP copywriters on board! Bike Billboards SAY it BETTER!

Some pretty kewl graphic that'll BLOW the lid off Tulsa's advertising community. Hey, Tulsa Addy Awards, here comes Bike Billboards! Watch yer SIX.

Your kind and generous donation through PayPal will pay for newer signs and also help defray the cost of TAMALES.

Since the cheap help left the State, the price of TAMALES have gone through the ROOF. BATMobile don't roll too well without TAMALES, ya know. Every four-hour, 40 mile, shift burns 4 TAMALES.

Support our advertisers!

Your donation through PayPal below will keep the Share The Road signs on the prime Bike Billboard spot.



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