Thursday, December 27, 2007

Product Spotlight: 20 LED MONSTER light

For its size, this little MONSTER light packs a PUNCH! I used this pint-size monster light during the power outrage. This little number will BLIND with its 20 LEDs. The housing is tough, polished aluminum. Includes 3 AAA batteries and carrying case.

When it gets dark, I count on this little bad boy to see through the darkest neighborhoods while rolling BATMobile. Wear it on your wrist to wave the light in motorists' faces to get their ATTENTION, even if the street is pitch DARK.

Pictured is navy blue, but it comes in other colors too, including camo. Just tell me what color you want, I'll try my best. But, no guarantees on color choice. $15.00. Shipping, $3.95. PayPal only. Thanks.

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