Sunday, December 23, 2007

BATMobile back in production

After almost two weeks WITHOUT power, BATMobile is now back in production. If you recall, BATMobile, aka Bike Across Town Mobile, first appeared on the scene in the 2002 Tulsa Mayoral election.

In its latest reincarnation, it has been completely re-designed. First, it's more affordable, at least half the price of ANY other comparable bike billboard on the market.

It's lightweight. While other bike billboards weigh in at least 40 lbs., BATMobile comes in less than 20 lbs.. Why do you want a lightweight bike billboard? Because you'll save on TAMALES, the OFFICIAL fuel of ALL bike billboarders WORLDWIDE! If you've priced out tamales lately, with all the Mexicans SHIPPING out, you guys know what I mean. DAMMIT, the price of TAMALES has gone WILD!

Also, BATMobile knocks down quick and chunked in the back of a SAG wagon, even a VW Bug. Most other bike billboards need an extra large pick-up to tow it back to home base, in case the driver gets a little carried away and goes out way too far out.

It's easy to get really carried away, because BATMobile is a whole lotta fun to drive. You just might forget to stop and turn around to go home to fuel up.

Send e-mail at bikebillboards AT yahoo DOT com for details on how to get one, two, or a whole fleet of BATMObiles!

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