Wednesday, December 26, 2007

BATMobile Advantage

If you are in the market for bike billboards, you've seen all the rest, our competition. My Bike Billboard concept is much SIMPLER.

First, BATMobile, aka Bike Across Town Mobile, is AFFORDABLE for ALL your BIG ideas on BEER budgets.

BATMobile is lightweight. Easier on the gas, aka TAMALES! Less fatigue on the driver. Face the facts, people. Bike billboards are human-powered. That means the driver gets hungry and tired. Actually, probably tired first. A small fact the other guys fail to mention.

I know firsthand what it's like to drive a bike billboard. There's the wind, the hills, and the distance. All take a toll on the motor, the driver's legs. So, BATMobile is lightweight, with only extra weight to keep the whole rig from tipping over in the crosswind.

BATMobile is also low-profile. You've probably seen these HUGE bike billboards that tower over 5 feet, sometimes 6 feet, from the pavement. NOT a good thing when there's a crosswind. BATMobile is low to the street, at the motorists' eye-level.

BATMobile can be towed by ANY standard adult bicycle. Remember, BATMobile is designed solely to carry signs. Large signs. They can be made from coroplast. Or they can be vinyl banners. Perfect for low-cost promotions such as tree services.

Whether you want to buy a BATMobile for your business or just want to rent space for your message, you will get the experience of a REAL bike billboard driver.

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