Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Why Tulsa Should Be Platinum Bike-Friendly City, NOT Bronze

1) Under the authorities both Oklahoma State Statutes, Title 47 and Tulsa Revised Ordinance, Chapter 37, there are almost 5,000 bike lane miles WITHIN City limits; (Engineering)

2) According to a recent Complete Our Street study, there are over 100,000 non-motorized Tulsans, 20% of the commuting public, exceeding Portland's measly 6% ridership;

3) The City's Public Works Department has expended all of its federally allocated funds specifically for non-motorized travel on non-motorized-only trails; (Engineering)

4) It is also Public Works policy to include wide outside lanes during the preliminary design of roadway projects; (Engineering)

5) Instead of ghetto-ing bike issues into the traditional bicycle advisory committees, the City discusses bike issues within the larger context of the Tulsa Transportation Advisory Board;

6) As the Ozone Alert season gets underway, cycling will be a major player in the State Implementation Plan (SIP) to achieve attainment for air quality by March 2013;

7) Tulsa voters elected two active cyclists to the City Council;

8) Bike-to-Work Day always enjoys increased attendance every year;

9) Tulsa Municipal Judge Burk Biship held that bicycles are exempt from the minimum speed rule, because bicycles, operated as human-powered vehicles, can not operate at the posted minimum speed. Bicycles allowed on all controlled-access roadways, except where prohibited on the turnpikes.

10) Last, and certainly NOT the least, Biker Fox RULES!

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