Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Top Ten Pedalpalooza Picks

With Portland Pedalpalooza just around the corner, 11-27 June, here's the top ten picks:

1) World Naked Bike Ride! 13 June

2) NoPo Sunday Parkways 21 June

3) Multnomah County Bike Fair 27 June

4) Bowie v. Prince Mobile Dance Party 19 June

5) Cirque du Cycling Parade 13 June

6) Bike-In Movies at Hawthorne Hostel 26 June

7) Breakfast on the Bridges 26 June

8) Loud and Lit 26 June

9) Celebrate Waterbreak 23 June

10) Homeless Hotspots 14 June tied with Bikini Bike Wash 24 June

Apologies to the other 112 EQUALLY amazing rides that didn't make the list for whatever reason. Hey, it's the top TEN, right?

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